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We have received several wonderful testimonials about our food presentations for Plant Based Nutritional Awareness and our 'cooking' classes.  We will post them here as we receive them.  I have removed contact information and last names for privacy and security considerations.

Making Plant-Based Seitan and Cheese

Hi Nancy, I wanted to Thank You for such a great class on cheesemaking and on Seitan . I am a longtime vegetarian but only recently made the leap to Vegan. I was very excited when I discovered Chef Skye Conroy and The Gentle Chef books and I was over the moon when I discovered that You would teach me how to prepare them!

You made me feel really comfortable in your lovely home, complete with fireplace ablaze ! I enjoyed sitting with you talking over hot tea before we went to work with our preparations too.

I really loved the Italian sausages and the carving board smoked turkey among all the different seitan dishes we made. I also loved that that you let me try many things  that you kept in your own kitchen. I loved trying all your fancy flavored vinegars, blueberry was my favorite.

I also appreciate the lunch you prepared for us and I enjoyed chit chatting with You and Your Hubby , Skip as we ate.

I now feel confident to make any of the Vegan cheeses and Seitan dishes in the Gentle Chef cookbook, thanks to You. I have made several dishes at my home and they came out pretty well. So many little things you taught me were lifesavers if I had done it on my own. I would recommend anyone who thinks that they may want to make the recipes from Chef Skye take your classes first !

Thank You... Melissa.  Winter Garden, Florida

Corporate Endorsement

Nancy Stein is a whole foods plant-based culinary chef. She owns and operates Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and teaches meal preparation that promotes optimal health and disease reversal and prevention.  She has earned her certificate in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at eCornell University. Nancy will be preparing really good-tasting meals for the entire event. She is the personal chef for David Meinz and he says "You'll love it! Really!" The Executive Heart Program

Seitan & Vegan 'meat' Preparation
I took Nancy's advanced class in making Seitan just this past Monday and she is an amazing teacher and shares from her heart - here are two of the many things I have made so far and everything is delicious!! Thank you Nancy!!!

Paula - Orlando, Florida

Introduction to Vegan Cooking

Nancy and Skip provide a wealth of knowledge and creativity in approaching a vegan lifestyle.
I was extremely impressed that Nancy had fact based answers to all the questions and concerns I had.
The recipes, tips, and techniques learned in Nancy's cooking class were not only easy but also wonderfully tasty!

As a mother of 4 providing meals that are nutritious and well balanced is most important. Nancy came through with awesome ideas that I can't wait to share with my family!

Thank you Nancy and Skip for a class that was comfortable, informative, and most importantly fun!

Orlando, Florida

General and Advanced Cookin

I have a chart showing my total cholesterol checks since September 2011. As you may be aware, Liliane and I have been on and off a vegetarian/vegan diet for almost two years now, although we have been eating very little meat and dairy and even then, only organic foods. You will notice that last year, my count was 138 mg/dL which was very satisfactory because a year earlier than that it was over 200 mg/dL!

At or around the Christmas holidays last, we started to 'relax' our eating habits only slightly by having the odd piece of fish, vegan butter on our bread and perhaps our biggest sin of all was, a piece of cheddar cheese every weekend! Add to this the occasional fried egg and I must not forget to mention, Coconut oil used for cooking almost every day!

What I want you to tell you today is that about 6 weeks ago, after reading 2 books: "The 30 Day Vegan Challenge" and "The Starch Solution" (and we are now in the process of reading "The China Solution"), Liliane and I went completely vegan and have eaten only fruit with some dark green vegetables in our 'smoothie' every morning, starchy foods like boiled potatoes, rice, Quinoa and couscous, grains like buckwheat, oats, Bulgar etc. and plenty of greens. 6-8 slices of wholewheat multi-grain bread everyday with homemade mayonnaise made with Tofu and lemon juice in a food processor. Of course we use organic foods wherever possible. We never hold back on eating either! We do not have to worry about quantity at all and never feel hungry.

We have avoided any kind of oils, nuts and avocado (although once we have reached our weight loss target we will use these in moderation too). Absolutely NO animal foods whatsoever! We also walk or ride our bikes for at least an hour 6 days a week.
SO, my weight six weeks ago was 205 lbs. and today it is 190 lbs! Obviously I won't lose at this rate all the time but 1 lb a week is our target.

My cholesterol has dropped from 207 to 131 (76 points) in two months. Liliane's dropped from 242 down to 196 (46 points) during the same period and she has lost 8 lbs. Now if that does not convince you then I give up!

I would encourage each and everyone of you to read the 3 books I have mentioned. "The 30 Day Vegan Challenge" is no longer in print despite the fact it only launched in 2011. It is however available on www.Amazon.com. The author has decided to sell the 30 Day course through her website because her book was such a best seller.

This way of eating will not appeal to all of you and you might not even agree with it. However, I can say this, you will feel better, and eating 'vegan' not only prevents heart disease, diabetes and most cancers and other illnesses but also reverses them too!!

Ft. Myers, Florida

Personalized Vegan Cooking Class Testimonial

I was recently diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma, a rare eye cancer for which there is no treatment should it metastasize. That being said, I set out to be as proactive as possible on my own hoping to prevent metastasis. I didn’t know exactly where to turn but after spending time researching on the web I found the consensus to be a plant-based diet.

Determined to start right away I went to Whole Foods in Orlando where I hoped to begin my shopping experience. The problem quickly became apparent, I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t have any idea what I needed and therefore, I didn’t know what to buy. While walking around, somewhat confused, I found myself in the same isle as Nancy Stein, a very friendly and helpful fellow customer. As we both reached for the 365 organic beans I asked her if she knew anything about being a Vegan. That began a conversation to include answers to some basic questions. She willingly gave me some guidance before I ever learned that she was in fact a Vegan herself as a result of her husband’s cancer three years prior. We talked some more before she shared that she was the “Culinary Chef Enthusiast” and, in fact, taught classes in her home. She gave me her card assuring me that her classes were fun and that I would learn a lot in a very short time.

After talking to my husband and after much thoughtful consideration I decided to take Nancy’s class. Fortunately, there was an opportunity to take the class within the next week. Upon arriving at her home I was again greeted by a warm, friendly and enthusiastic Nancy. She was organized and well prepared for her students. The table was beautifully set for each student, to include a goodie bag with our names on it and paper and pen to write on. In the area surrounding the table Nancy has samples of many of the products used by Vegans, it was absolutely amazing to see the variety.

The class began with Nancy providing us with a ton of information in the way of handouts. She briefly review the content of each document or packet. She included shopping lists, web sites, cook book lists, hints, do’s, don’ts, tips, etc.. I couldn't’t wait to get home so I could begin to work my way through all the information but that would have to wait.

We entered Nancy’s unbelievably equipped kitchen to find we each had a crisp white apron for our use while in class waiting for us. As we donned our aprons Nancy immediately began to put fresh fruit and greens into her blender talking about the process the whole time. The result of that effort was a delicious smoothie for each of us. As we sipped on our smoothie Nancy went on to the next entree, Miso soup, again explaining everything about the ingredients and answering any questions we might have. We took our smoothie and the soup to our places at the dining room table while Nancy cleaned up and proceeded to get ready for the next entrée. This is the way the afternoon continued with a variety of meals all with fresh and healthy ingredients being prepared while we watched and asked questions. Truthfully, there were few questions because Nancy had it all covered, she had obviously done this many times before. I complimented her on her organization, her cooking and especially, her energy. I never would have been able to do all that without resting but Nancy did and never seemed to tire. Each time we took our entrée to the table she was cleaning and preparing to the next one.

There was so much wonderful food that I personally had to tell Nancy that I couldn’t eat anymore. I was full but I did at least taste the next few items and even got involved in the making of a couple. While everything was great I was especially intrigued with the sausages (meatless of course) that we helped to make. I not only got to taste on but to also bring home four for my husband and I to taste. My husband, who is somewhat reluctant to give up meat, said, “I could eat these.” That was a good thing to hear.

There was so much more to the class and to Nancy’s supplies. We saw how to store dried foods and also how to rehydrate mushrooms used in one of the recipes. Then there was her extensive cook book collection starting with her very first Vegan cook book. That’s one I plan on getting for sure. She grows her own herbs something I have just started since given a box of herb plants for Mother’s Day. I could go on and on but I’ve already gotten too wordy.

I just want to say that meeting Nancy and taking her class has certainly been a delightful and educational experience. I know she loves teaching those of us who need to know all that she can. She’s made herself available to me if I have questions or need help in anyway. I am very pleased with the experience and certainly got my money’s worth. I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone interested. Thank you Nancy!

Windermere, Florida

Good Samaritan Village - Vegan Cooking Class

My Mom attended your cooking class yesterday at Good Sam and loved it! I've been vegan for years, but not until now did she ever say "We HAVE to go Whole Foods, and buy this, and this, and this..." Awesome. Keep up the great work!
Tom - Philadelphia PA.

Our second "shout out" this week goes to Skip and Nancy Stein of Whole Foods for Healthy Living. You might call them health and wellness coaches, but I would say they are the answer to "How do you fix that?" That is one of the most common questions from customers at Kiss Green Place market. From vegetarian to vegan to raw or macrobiotic, they can help you find a way to "fix it" so the nutrition stays in and gets where it belongs. You can actually attend a cooking class if you are interested. Check out their website at www.wholefoods4healthyliving.com - I think you will be glad you did. Skip and Nancy are also both founding members of the Holistic Coalition.

Private Vegan Nutrition Counseling

The barley came out ok. I tell you one thing, Friday I was so worn out but Saturday and Sunday, I have had so much energy that I can't believe it! Does eating all the foods that you cooked for us on Friday give so much energy? And yes, I have felt full for a long.... period of time. Thank you so much!

Nissy - Kissimmee Florida

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class

Hello! I really appreciate you taking the time out to give me these tips..I will have try them. I definitely think I will be putting them all to work. My oldest is 15 and she loves to bake I think will use that my advantage:) I'm shocked to hear dairy weakens his bones all these we thought we were strengthen their by giving them dairy. So do you what we can give them to strengthen their bones(especially my son)? The class was well worth every penny and then some..This is definitely a lifestyle we need to adapt if not for ourselves, for our 4 kids. I think it will be very difficult for us being that we are always on the with our kids. (sic) Slowly but surely we will get there:) Thanks for all your help and God Bless.

Maraida, Jay and kids
Kissimmee Florida

EATING - The Movie (Complimentary DVD for every client!)

We had friends who stayed with us last week from England and are now in Naples. They called to say they watched "EATING" and will never eat meat again! They think it necessary to re-watch the DVD at least once every couple of months to ensure they don't forget how bad it is for us to eat meat. They are going to show all their family and friends it when they go home. They said they went out the next day to Wholefoods and bought 4 recipe books on vegan foods.

David S.
Orlando, Florida

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class

Nancy: Thanks so much for the class; I truly enjoyed it. I liked the format of the class with the "information" first concerning the food products available to everyone and then the cooking. I could have sat with you for the full 4 hours and just discussed the books and food products that are out there for us to read and enjoy! I even enjoyed meeting your other "students"; they were all very nice. Of course, I want to start right away with doing it all - cleaning out my pantry and refrigerator and buy all new items and then cooking everything vegetarian, buying a juicer, etc., etc., but I'm trying to put the brakes on myself and go slow. Maybe just pick out a couple of dinners I would like to try and stay with my regular breakfasts and lunches for now.  (Ezekiel bread with almond butter for breakfast and salads for lunch). Anyway, my point is that you've inspired me and that's just what I was looking for. So, thank you.

Sally M.
Kissimmee, Florida

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class
Loved it. Nancy is so knowledgeable, organized and prepared. Not only did I learn, but it was a lot of fun. Skip is also very informed and helpful. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Thanks Nancy and Skip.

Broward S.
Kissimmee, Florida

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class

Nancy's cooking class was a Great Time! I met some fun and friendly folks, and felt relaxed and welcomed. Nancy explained all steps thoroughly with patience and thoughtfulness. Actually, she explained many steps numerous times since not only were most of us new to Vegan cooking, but a few of us were new to cooking in general.

It was great to actually view the entire process from start to finished product. This technique will jog the memory later when attempting each recipe. I was surprised and pleased to find alternative products to animal meat that actually tasted really good. In turn, my husband will also be pleased when he realizes that the meat on his taco's isn't really meat and is a vegetable product with the same texture and taste as beef, turkey, or chicken.

I am also excited and thankful to learn that the various alternatives to meat will supply more than enough daily protein. Nancy's cooking class was a unique experience and I look forward to attending additional classes. In addition, I'm grateful that Nancy & Skip care enough to bring the REAL TRUTH about the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the public, or rather to those individuals that care enough about their health and family to independently research the TRUTH behind "What is really killing Americans." Thank you for your efforts!!

Sonya V.
Orlando Florida

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class

I am visiting my uncle from KY and he took me to this class.

This is the most wonderful experience I could have ever expected! The information, the host, the atmosphere was all FABULOUS! Not to mention the wonderfully flavored food. I would definitely do this again.

Thank you very much to Nancy & Skip.
God Bless you Both!! and Thank you Uncle Broward!

Deanna from KY

Vegan Plant Based Nutrition Awareness Class

What an experience! Incredible new information the food is so nutritious. I can't believe how great everything tasted.

Diane S.
Orlando Florida

Plant Based Awareness - Open Buffet at Kissimmee's New World Wellness

Nicole's' yoga studio was warm and cozy, but most important of all it was CLEAN! I send a HUGE Thank You to Nancy Stein!! Oh my Gosh the food was Wonderful!!! …and Plenty!!! I was shocked to see the amount and variety of food that Nancy prepared for the buffet. To be honest I didn't know what dishes were possible without using animal meat. My husband just knew that his plate was going to be nothing but "rabbit food." He wasn't that excited to attend the dinner, because I wouldn't let him eat beforehand and he figured he'd leave hungry. To my pleasant surprise and his amazement, not only was the food displayed artistically, but it was delicious!!! We both stuffed ourselves..literally..and left with the confidence of knowing that there truly are alternatives to the standard meat, potatoes, and side salad. I can't remember specific names, but a few of the items were taco's, pizza, chili, homemade crackers, bread, meat alternatives, soups, and dips etc…. Tasty and creative veggie dishes and salads, along with cookies, cakes, pies, and chocolate were also presented. All I can say is two-thumbs up!! It was truly Fantastic!

Sonya V.
Orlando Florida

Private Dinner Party
Nancy cooked an exquisite vegan meal for my husband and me that we will NEVER forget!!

Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and experienced about cooking healthy food, and she is very creative with the preparation and presentation of it, too!

She is a thorough, patient and easy to follow teacher. Time spent with her was educational and inspiring!

Dimitra A.
Milwaukee, WI

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