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We offer a delicious approach to dining utilizing plant based foods.  Our recipes are usually found/discovered in a plethora of different sources including Chef Nancy's Pinterest Site. Chef Nancy has over 20,000 recipes and info on living a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Learn how YOU can prepare these delicious meals.  Take one of Chef Nancy's seminars.  We will also travel to your location if you just ask!

Here is a small sampling of some of our home-cooked plant based meals!
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Grilled Lemon Mustard Tofu and veggiesHomemade mushroom ravioliApple Pear PieGrilled Stif Fry 2019-04-04 18.07.42Tofu breakfast scrambleGrilled Tofu Kabobs with veg 2019-04-05 18.06.42Orgaic Blueberry-Lemon Cake 2019-03-24 19.58.22-1Soy Curls in slow cooker 2018-12-31 10.31.42-1-1Fresh Organic Bean Salad 2019-03-24 14.37.35Seitan Steak and Chicken Cutlet 2019-01-18 17.10.172018-11-30 17.41.55bedeviled eggs20140601_1642052018-11-30 17.03.07Taquitos2018-12-03 18.56.0220140602_1050062018-12-14 18.18.102018-12-06 18.02.042018-12-10 18.06.082016-07-31 17.06.15BBQ Tofu and veggiesChow MeinDairy and Egg Free Vegan CookiesStuffed Acorn Squash

We promote the delicious nature of Plant Based Cuisine.  Some call it vegetarian or vegan but essentially it is simply consuming vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds in a delightful and delicious combination.  Many find that this is not only delicious but also a very cost effective way to feed yourself and your family.

We offer training and support with what we have prepared and consume on a regular basis.  We also offer tips and techniques on how best to prepare delicious plant based meals that are absolutely delicious.  If you are or have been a meat eater, you may find that you don't miss your meat, even a little bit.  The vast varieties of plant based foods, combines with a judicious addition of spices will delight your taste buds and promote a healthier body and immune system along the way!

What have you got to loose?  You might loose a few pounds, several points on the cholesterol LDL meter, a few points off your glycemic index, or experience more vitality and energy.  Not all that bad is it?

All you have to do is focus on natural plant based foods. They are all delicious if you give them a chance to delight your pallet!  Check out Chef Nancy's Pinterest site for more than 22,000 delicous Plant Based suggestions, recipes and more.
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